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Diamond Rings

For all of you that are getting married, engaged or are just thinking about it, the first thing we would like to do is to congratulate you. Next thing we will try to do is to make your life a bit easier. And we can do that by telling you where you can find the perfect ring you need. No matter if you are looking for diamond wedding rings or diamond engagement rings, you will surely find something to your liking, when you are looking in the right place. And what better place to look for than Birmingham Jewellery quarter diamond rings .

Where to find the perfect ring: Birmingham Jewellery quarter
Birmingham is a city that’s famous for its craftsmen, which are one of the best in the world. Jewellery Quarter is  all about princess cut diamond rings, platinum engagement rings and any other jewellery you could possibly imagine. When walking the streets of Jewellery Quarter, you can see and feel the 200 years jewel making tradition everywhere around you, from numerous stores to art galleries and museums. The Quarter itself is considered a conservation area, with old buildings being preserved for future generations to enjoy. There are more than 100 stores in the Quarter and it has become a sort of hub for creative businesses. You are sure to find something that you like there diamond ring .

Where to find the perfect ring: Picking the right one
Now that you know where to go, the question remains on what to buy. If you are searching for engagement rings, you will have to pay special attention to the diamond. When picking the right diamond, you should pay attention on the cut, color, clarity and color. We would say that the cut is the most important factor here. Cut defines how will the diamond sparkle. The better the cut, the bigger will the diamond appear. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are most common diamond rings purchased today. There is also a little “trick” when it comes to picking the size. You could go for a .95 instead of 1 carat diamond. That way the price of the diamond ring will go down significantly, and the difference will not be noticed.  As far as the color is concerned, you could ask for a flawless one, but most times the flaws are a natural occurrence in the diamond, and cannot be seen by a human eye. An eye-clean diamond will cost less and appear the same as the flawless one. When it comes to clarity, flawless clarity grade diamonds will be the most expensive. You could look into a near colorless or a very slightly included clarity grade and pick the one that you like the most diamond engagement rings .

Where to find the perfect ring: What else to keep in mind
We hope that this won’t happen to you, but there is always the possibility that she won’t like the ring. Since buying a ring is quite an investment, it’s smart to ask what is the sellers return policy. Some stores have no return policy, others have a 24 hour one. Since that is a quite short time frame, if you’re not sure if she will like the ring or not, you should consider looking for a store with a 30 day return policy diamond engagement ring .